ZDF Magazin Royale Broadcast Tonmeister



Since fall 2020 I'm the principal orchestra tonmeister for ZDF Magazin Royale, a primetime German late-night show with the host Jan Böhmermann. Every week, the 15-piece show orchestra plays cover songs arranged by Lorenz Rhode and supports music guest acts.

The show’s house band, the Rundfunk Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld, is a one-of-a-kind tv orchestra directed by Lorenz Rhode. For the first season of the late-night-satire show hosted by Jan Böhmermann, I had the pleasure of mixing guest acts such as Placebo, Zoe Wees, Danger Dan, Mavi Phoenix, Bilderbuch, and many more. Some featured songs, such as the version of Scooter’s “FCK 2020” were also released on YouTube and Spotify. The show and the music pieces reach an audience of several million every week.

As the principal orchestra tonmeister for ZDF Magazin Royale, I’m responsible for recording and mixing all music pieces. After taping the show, I work closely with the musical director Lorenz Rhode to mix the songs for broadcast the next day. Despite the quick turnaround we try to make the best of every single song rather than applying a template. Over the years, Lorenz has become a skilled arranger who likes to think outside the box sometimes. The last season, we had exotic instruments such as a sitar and a nyckelharpa on some of the songs. These aspects make the job extremely interesting and diverse.

ZDF Magazin Royale will return with the next season this fall of 2022. I’m very much looking forward to joining the team as orchestra tonmeister once again.


"Guys, the performance of the RTO and the mix are just world-class."

Roland "Roy" Knauf

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