Production services


My services

  • Composing & lyric writing (German/English) for pop and rock
  • Melody and topline writing
  • Arranging and producing from demos to fully-fledged productions
  • Co-writes with other authors
  • Song consulting

A great song is the foundation for everything else. That’s why the songwriting process is the most important stage in music production. If the song falls flat, you can’t fix it in the recording or the mix. It’s just not going to be a hit. Only if you start with something great, you can end up with a production that’s truly fantastic. 

Songwriting sessions can either take place at my relaxed Satellite studio or I’m also happy to meet up with you at any other place – whatever works! The upside of working at a studio though is that we can get into recording a demo right away without any distractions. My focus in songwriting is pop and rock music, but I can also get involved for jazz writing sessions. If necessary in case we get stuck on our own, I’m happy to bring in other talented writers to offer a fresh perspective. Songwriting puts the spotlight on melody, harmony, rhythm and lyrics. The big question of course is: what’s the concept of the song? Once you have an answer to that, everything else pretty much false into place automatically.

Quick detour: I’ve lived and worked in the United States for over four years and English has become second nature to me. Writing lyrics is hard and sometimes it’s easy to try hiding behind the words of a foreign language. That’s where I can provide valuable feedback to you. But even if you’re a native English speaker I can have a look at your lyrics and offer my opinion and advice based on my experience.

Once we have worked on all the core areas of a song it’s time to develop an arrangement that supports the song in the best possible way. But sometimes it works better to just get inspired by a beat that then leads to a topline and we start building the song on top of that. Whatever floats your boat! It all comes down to working in a team and exploring what works best without holding back.

As a consequence, writing songs requires a relaxed, open-minded atmosphere. It’s important to trust each other and let down your guard to get to the good stuff. Brain-storming, re-writing, re-working, and maybe just letting a song sit for a few days – it’s all part of process. Very few hits were put on paper in just a few minutes. Sure, everybody has heard those stories about global hits that were written in a super short amount of time. While that definitely has happened, there is also a huge amount of successful amount that required a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears to come to life.

So how much does this cost me?

Coming up with a great idea for a song is always hard. And it gets even harder when you’re on the clock and put on the spot during a paid session. This is why it’s most important to me that we get to know each other and start brainstorming first. Once we feel like we are good at working together and share a similar mind set, we’ll meet for free songwriting sessions. If we come up with the next big hit (of course we will, right?) we’ll agree on a co-write split that makes sense for all of us. So I’ll get a share of the writing credit and (hopefully) we’ll both reap the benefits of the hard work down the road.

What else do I need to know?

Throughout the years of working in this industry I’ve built a network of publishing, label and sound supervisor contacts. As a result, artists I’ve worked with had the chance to license music for use in the television show “Desperate Housewives”, for example. I’ll pitch every song we’ve worked on to my appropriate contacts and I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed that something great will come out of it.

Cool, so what’s next?

You’ll find a selection of songs I’ve written or co-written below. Have a listen to find out what my work sounds like. Do I have your attention and you’re ready to move forward? Great! Just send me an e-mail or get in touch via the social networks. I promise to get back to you ASAP!

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