Neo Magazin Royale: Hetenzauber



Dendemann & die freie Radikale say their Goodbyes at Neo Magazin Royale and the key players in Deutschrap show up to pay tribute!

An era in German late night television comes to a close: Accompanied by the Rundfunktanzorchester Ehrenfeld (“Ehrenfeld broadcast dance orchestra”) directed by Albrecht Schrader and my buddy Lorenz Rhode, German rapper Dendemann celebrates his last show. And when Dendemann calls, the German hiphop scene follows to pay tribute! Deichkind, Fettes Brot, Tua from Die Orsons, Blumentopf, Massive Töne, MoTrip , KOLLEGAH, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Eko Fresh, Chefket, Prinz Pi, Olli Schulz, Darkman Nana, Oli.P, Carolin Kebekus, Konstantin Grober of Get Well Soon, Kat Frankie and of course the one and only Jan Böhmermann. The entire show was just pure madness and full of amazing surprises!

It was my absolute honor to once again take care of the music mix for the various songs. Just like last May, I was invited to Studio König as part of btf Cologne to make it all come together. As before, my dear colleagues Alex Werth, Tom Vermaaten and Kai Holzkämper did an amazing job during the taping of the show and in post-production. This sort of gig is definitely not a one-man-show. Thanks to a more generous timeline the mixing stage was pretty relaxed and I had the time to pay attention to all the details.

Massive thanks to the entire team at btf for my personal mixing highlight in 2016! Have fun checking out the videos (if you understand German). I promise it’ll be worth it and you might learn a thing or two about German hiphop!



It's pretty incredible how quickly Julian can dig into these songs and produce fantastic mixes. He totally nailed the live feeling!

Kai Holzkämper, head of sound department, bildundtonfabrik

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