Neo Magazin Royale: Live in Concert



Coming to the rescue to mix this ambitious music broadcast featuring German comedy star Jan Böhmermann's greatest hits.

I joined the team at the btf in Cologne on very short notice to come to the rescue and take care of the music mixes for the television show Neo Magazin Royale with host Jan Böhmermann. Music plays an important role in the satire show and Jan has made a name for himself with hilarious songs like “Ich hab Polizei”, “Be Deutsch” or the global hit “Baby Got Laugengebäck”. This episode of the show featured all his classics performed by the Rundfunktanzorchester Ehrenfeld (broadcast dance orchestra Ehrenfeld) and the show’s signature band. A range of guests also joined in to make it an even bigger event. All the songs were brilliantly produced by my buddy Alex Werth. The orchestra was led by Albrecht Schrader and Lorenz Rhode who continue to be at the helm for the 2017 season.

This was an intense production because we were very tight on time. In the end, I only had about 30 minutes per song to make it all come together. Thanks to a fantastic pre-production job by the entire team and some finishing mastering touches by Tom Vermaaten it all worked out. This was a definitive highlight for me that was just a whole bunch of fun.

The show was aired on June 2nd 2016 on ZDF Neo and it’s available in its entirety in the ZDF media library (only in Germany). Most of the songs were also released on iTunes and other digital distribution outlets, as well as YouTube. So have a listen and get a sense of weird German humor 😉


Julian is notorious for his nuanced ears. Huge mixes!

Kai Holzkämper, head of sound department, bildundtonfabrik

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