Cam – The Living Room Sessions



You know that an artist is going to be big very soon when you just can't stop having goosebumps during a session. This is exactly what happened when I recorded the living room sessions with country singer Cam. She has since been signed to Arista/Sony Records and contiues to write one hit song after another.

Way back in 2013 I had the opportunity to record the country singer Cam with her band in a very intimate setting. Titled “The Living Room Sessions” she performed a variety of her fantastic original tunes for an audience of just a handful of people. As the name of the project suggests, we did in fact record the performance in a living room in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. I set up a mobile recording rig and a handful of (mostly) ribbon mics to record the band and Cam. Everybody was in the same room in close proximity, but that didn’t turn out to be a problem at all. Rather to the contrary it allowed the band members to hear each other well without the need for headphones. There was also no PA, which certainly helped get a clean recording. But cleanliness wasn’t really what we were going for anyway. Instead it was all about capturing a vibe and I think that worked out really well. In fact, part of my recording philosophy is capturing performances in unique spaces rather than always opting for a neutral (aka “boring”) studio environment.

As mentioned in the introduction, this was one of those rare sessions leaving a long-lasting impression on you. Cam’s voice is spectacular and her songwriting is equally as impressive. It’s amazing how easy it is to record a band well when the musicianship is at that kind of level. Her band mates, Doug Showalter (guitar & backing vox), Anders Mouridsen (guitar & backing vox), and Alex Balderston (bass), are all exceptional musicians. They all have been Cam’s sidemen for a long time. Shortly after we recorded this session, Cam released her debut album “Untamed”. A breakthrough success, it got her signed to Arista Records, a sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment. She has since worked with artists like Sam Smith and Miley Cyrus, received a Grammy nomination for her song “Burning House”, and has been touring relentlessly. Apart from being a terrific singer and accomplished songwriter, she’s also a wonderfully nice and amiable person. I can’t wait find out what she’s going to accomplish next!

Check out a medley of her songs “Affection” and “Gold Or Lead” from the Living Room Sessions below. This recording is not at all as polished as some of Cam’s major label recordings. Instead it’s a testament of her raw talent in a strictly acoustic setting. Despite the fact this was recorded a while ago, I still love coming back to it again and again. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out more of her music on the usual streaming platforms.


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